Forget about spring frost damages in your plantation forever.
f-airgo v2021
"the world's best mobile frost protection machine."
how it works?

frost protection

During spring frosts, temperatures in the inversion layers (4-30 metres above sea level) are about 10 °C warmer than at the ground surface. By bringing this warm air into the growing layer, we protect your orchard from frost damage.

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F-Airgo fagyvédőgép használat közben


With an axial fan that transfers and spreads 110 000 m3/h of air under the canopy. The extracted air becomes heavier when mixed with the colder air layer at ground level, so that it can no longer physically rise. It stays in the ground surface and keeps it warm.

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100% hungarian innovation
F-Airgo is already used in Germany, France, Switzerland and slovakia. Why is it so popular?
Full protection down to -7°C and effective defence in colder temperatures too.
3,5 ha
Protectable area
The capacity of 1 F-Airgo frost protection machine with continuous operation.
client satisfaction
We are proud to say that all our customers are satisfied with our machines.
110 000 m3/h
Air volume
The amount of air per hour that can be transferred from the inversion layer.
The secret

The inversion layers

Inversion, or inverse stratification, is the occasion when the temperature rises as you move upwards. At night, the earth's surface cools rapidly, but the higher layers keep much of the heat accumulated during the day, and because the density of the air layers is now different, they cannot mix. Spreading this excess heat over the growing level protects your orchard from frost damage.

inversion diagram
Technical specifications
750 kg
Total weight
3250 mm
8 km/h
Speed of work
70 hp
Power requirement
customer reviews
What do our existing clients think of us?
F-Airgo az Agromashon

“I met this machine at the Agromash Expo and we have been using it in our orchard ever since. It's amazing how easily and effectively it solves the biggest problem we've all had.”

Attila Nagy


“A great innovation, at -4 degrees Celsius, it has fully protected our pepper plantation.”

Erno Halasi
Vegetable grower

“We protected 6,6 ha of apricots with 2 F-Airgo in -5 degrees. Thanks to the machines we had a full harvest.”

Agnes Bolyo
Fruit grower
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Business Development manager
Endre Farago
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